Email Marketing Campaigns

Send your own dedicated email message (PR) to our battery Networking, that includes more than 65,000 active industry members. Perfect marketing tool for an industry event, new product, new service, news release, hiring promotions, introducing your company, lead generation and prospecting.

Send us the mail subject, Content HTML file, Name of the mail sender and we will send you a draft to confirm – After confirmation we will send it at the requested date.

Our Email Marketing Campaigns are done with Mail Chimp mailing service

After running the campaign you can ask for the campaign statistics – Opening rate and clicks rate on each campaign – Example for statistics

2021 Email Marketing Campaigns Rates

Info: Contact Sigalit De-Leon,, Tel/Fax: 972-77-501-0792

Event Campaigns:
Battery + Storage

Product promotion campaigns
Applied Spectra

Frequent Questions

How many people will actually read my message? Open rates typically range between 8% and 20% for a promotional email delivery. Many factors are involved. Message content, subject line, time of delivery and list quality are usually the most critical factors. To maximize your success, keep your message short, attractive and informative.

How many unique clicks can I expect? – Clicking rate could run between 200-5000 depend on the subject and mail content.

Can I select to send by country? Yes, We can send the E-Blast to group of mails ending with the e-mail country suffix (.de for Germany).

Can i review the mail before sending? – Yes – We send you a draft blast mail to confirm – After confirmation we will send it at the agreed time slot.


Please send us an HTML email marketing campaign file

  • Provide basic HTML content – no complex HTML5 features, and no VML styles. Those are rejected by our “Mail Chimp” mailing service filters, and usually do not render well in Outlook html view.
  • Do not have any JavaScript in your HTML file.
  • Use external links for images – meaning upload them to your own website and use links such as “http://yourwebsite/images/image.jpeg”.

We could also use a PDF file to generate the Email Marketing Campaign but html file has a better resolution and should be the default.