Shmuel De-Leon Energy Story

1990, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Shmuel De-Leon introduced to battery technologies. As for today, battery solutions were not meeting most of the applications energy requirements.

Shmuel with his team review the battery market and purchase innovative battery samples for testing and evaluation.

Shmuel  visited many cell makers, battery pack assemblers and attended many battery events, met with battery R&D teams, learned the technology and how to use  it most efficiency.

Shmuel and his team were responsible for almost 100 battery projects a year.

Over the time period of 21 years Shmuel with his team experienced more than 2000 projects, used most of available battery technologies.

In 2010, Shmuel founded Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. and start providing battery consulting and  knowledge services to global customers  including leading companies, organizations and governments.