Battery testing and certifications

Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides single cell and battery pack validation and testing services in it own battery lab in Israel and with a co-partnering labs in Israel, North-America and Europe.

Our own lab testing cyclers:                                                                                                                                        – 8 channels, 0-5v, +/-5A
– 8 channels, 0-5v, +/-6A
– 8 channels, 0-5v, +/-20A                                                                                                                                            – 2 channels 0-60V, +/-10A                                                                                                                                          All test equipment can be combined with thermal chambers and protective atmosphere.

Developing the highest quality batteries, that are safe and reliable, is a complex challenge in today’s competitive global market. We can provide expert testing services for abuse, benchmark, durability, electrical, environmental, life cycle analysis, performance, safety standards and transportation on cells, batteries and modules.

Testing services:

– Cell testing performance validation – Support on optimizing cell data sheet and validate it by testing- Battery performance testing
– Operating characterization
– Temperature cycle testing
– Service life testing

– Cells and Battery packs safety testing
– Cells and Battery packs fire and abuse testing
– Battery pack post-mortem analysis
– Electrical overstress/overcharge
– Electrical over-discharge

– Battery certifications via sub-contracting labs
– UN/DOT 38.3 testing
– UL 1642
– UL 2054
– IEC 61233

Shmuel De-Leon Energy also provides a cell and battery pack makers audit services for completing validation assessment for the cell/battery pack from technical prospective and for manufacturer from business and quality prospective.