9th Turkey Battery Technologies Summit 2024 – September 25-26, 2024

Shmuel De-Leon Energy is pleased to invite you to the Battery Technologies Summit, which we will organize for the 9th time this year.

Shmuel De-Leon energy is cooperating with PiLDER on that event and Shmuel De-Leon will participate and moderate the event.

With this summit we will hold, we aim to bring together all the stakeholders of our industry and to provide information to our participants about the latest technological developments all over the world and to create a platform where mutual exchange of ideas and cooperation can be made with our guests from abroad.  

We continue to work very intensively with the Board of Directors and the Summit Working Group we have formed. We aim to make their participation in our Summit meaningful by sharing with our guests the scientific presentations of experienced national and international speakers related to the topics determined at the summit, and the evaluations of the production and sales policies planned by the leading companies of the sector in the upcoming period.

In this direction, we invite all the stakeholders of our industry to the 8th Battery Technologies Summit to see them together. Hoping to celebrate our Technology Summit together in November, we offer our deepest respect and love.

PiLDER – Battery, Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers Association