Turkey Battery Technologies Summit 2024 – September 25-26, 2024


Shmuel De-Leon Energy is pleased to invite you to the Battery Technologies Summit, which we will organize this year.

The Battery Technologies Summit 2023, which we held for the first time with its new format on 22-23 November 2023, has become an important meeting point for our industry. Our summit, which we held with approximately 600 participants and nearly 30 national and international speakers, attracted great interest and appreciation in the sector. Your interest and support to the sector is of great importance in the realization of this successful event. As Shmuel De-Leon Energy and PiLDER, we would like to thank you once again for your participation in our summit. 

We are excited to organize the Battery Technologies Summit 2024 once again and we are happy to invite industry representatives to participate in this unique event. This year’s summit, which will be held in Bilisim Vadisi (IT Valley) Gebze, will continue to attract a large number of experts and professionals from all over the world. 

Our aim is to bring together leading names in the industry to share innovative ideas, present the latest technological developments and international perspectives. With impressive presentations from our experienced speakers and forward-thinking approaches from industry leaders, our summit will offer attendees an unforgettable experience. Our summit will cover a wide range of topics covering every stage of the battery ecosystem, from raw material processes to cell production techniques, from extraordinary battery applications to sustainable waste strategies.  

As Shmuel De-Leon Energy, we are very excited to once again collaborate with PiLDER and participate in the event, as well as moderating the panel. 

If you want to introduce and explain your products and ideas to a wide audience and contribute to shaping the future of the industry, please contact our team.  

We look forward to meeting you at the Battery Technologies Summit 2024 on 25-26 September 2024 and sharing our excitement together. 

Shmuel De-Leon Energy & PiLDER – Cell, Battery Pack Manufacturers and Suppliers Association

PiLDER – Battery, Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers Association