Battery Safety In-House Training and Safety Audit


Shmuel De-Leon Battery Inhouse seminar for NASA, Houston, USA

Don`t wait for the battery safety event to happen – Be prepared in advance!

Lithium Primary and Rechargeable Battery Safety and Handling Guidelines

Lithium Primary and Rechargeable Battery Safety Guidelines for Cell and Battery makers User Manuel’s

Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides an In-House 1-day battery safety training + Battery safety audit.

Training program includes:

  • Battery Essentials
  • Primary cells and batteries
  • Rechargeable cells and batteries
  • Battery safety hazards
  • Battery safety Guidelines
  • Battery safety equipment check list
  • Battery safety disposal
  • EV and Grid Storage battery safety  

In-House battery safety audit includes:

  • Review of batteries in use and in design
  • Review of battery safety instruction and procedure documents
  • Review of user manual products battery safety warning
  • Review of battery safety warning labels content
  • Battery labs audit tour
  • Battery warehouse audit tour

Training and audit can be custom made by customer needs

Battery safety Training – Virtual

Virtual Training Program


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