AME Energy is an engineering company based in Shenzhen, China. The team has over 11 years of experience designing and manufacturing battery equipment ranging from small scale R&D to large scale manufacturing.We have supplied R&D equipment to start-up companies as well as top universities all around the world. We have also successfully installed battery pilot and manufacturing lines to companies in the USA, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Germany, China, Russia, India and South America.


Battery Metric is a battery testers manufacturer from Canada, Specialize in desktop battery testers for a 0-60 v battery voltage and 0-10 charge discharge current ranges.

Lithium Werks owning Valance, A123 Cylindrical cells, Super-B companies – The company is focusing in LFP cells and batteries.

Xalt Energy manufacture lI-Ion NMC and LTO cells and battery packs.

Jenax is developing li-ion flexible cells.

Wyon AG manufacture miniature Li-Ion cells

Think Power manufacture desktop battery testers up to 3000 Watts