Battery safety seminars

Hands-On Battery Safety Seminar, Dallas, USA , September 8, 2023

Batteries become daily use components for many applications and devices.

Our training program focuses on portable and stationary battery safety along battery cycle life (acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation and disposal).

Training include practical experience information on the safety risks, how to prevent battery safety events, what to do in case of event, check lists of battery safety equipment.

The training incorporates Shmuel De-Leon and others best practice  in battery safety for over 35 years of work in the field.

Design News: An important Workshop on Battery Safety

Download the Battery Safety Seminars Draft Program

Battery Safety in-house 1 day training

Is your organization interested in having Shmuel De-Leon provide your staff  with in-house battery safety training?  You can order a 1-day battery safety training as an in-house training.

The training provides an opportunity to grow the customers battery safety knowledge and reduce chances for battery safety events for your employees and customers. As part of the new battery transportation regulations, Battery Assemblers, Shippers and Companies are required to train their employees on battery safety and transportation – Our training meet these needs. The in-house training program can include an in-house battery safety risk audit of customers’ warehouses, labs and disposal areas.

Battery Safety Tutorial/Workshop
Event organizers are welcome to contact us for adding our battery safety 2 hours tutorial to their event program.

Tutorial/Workshop abstract:

Batteries have become components used daily for many applications. Furthermore, we can say that without batteries our life would change dramatically. In the race for energy density, we sometimes forget the safety issue. Unfortunately, we face daily safety events with injuries and severe damage. This training program focuses on stationary battery safety along battery cycle life (acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation and disposal). The training incorporates Shmuel De-Leon’s and others experienced in battery safety with over 27 years of work in the field. The motivation behind the training is to provide attendees with the knowledge needed to safely handle the batteries in their organizations and to support reduction in safety events.

Key Benefits this training provides:

  • Full review of root cause for battery safety events
  • Guidelines on how to handle batteries safely
  • What-to-do guidelines in case of battery safety events
  • Checklist of safety equipment needed
  • Fresh and updated knowledge about battery safety

Instructor: Shmuel De-Leon, CEO, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

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