Batteries/Cells/Chargers Purchasing

Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides an on-demand purchasing services for cells (Hard Case Cylindrical, Hard case prismatic, Pouch, Coin, Button) and battery packs from all chemistries and vendors:

We work only with well-known manufacturers, Qualified suppliers and high end fresh cells/batteries.

Purchasing services done directly from the cells/batteries manufacturers or official representative for approving quality and freshness.

Main vendors we support:  Lithium Werks, Samsung, LG, Murata, Panasonic, Lishen, EVE Energy, Duracell, Energizer, Kokam, Xalt, Moli Energy, ATL, BAK, CALB, DLG, Enertech, Future-Power, Ever-Power, Heter, Great Power, Grepow, EEMB, EPT, LTO Battery, Amprius, Routh JD, Wyon, Ultralife, Zeni-Power, Storedot.

Some of the cells we sell:

* Minimum quantities are 100-300 pcs depend on vendor
*** We will provide the cell data sheets and MSDS per demand

Special cells for extreme operational temperatures: Primary cells: -55 to 200 Deg C, Rechargeable lithium ion cells: -40 to 80 Deg C

Chargers – We sell chargers for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries..

Contact us for receiving an offer

Shmuel De-Leon Energy exclusive cells customers group service:

We have group of customers that purchase cells from us and receiving every Monday list of cells we have for sale.

These customers also contact us for selling cells they don`t need.

Want to to be one of that group members? – Contact us –