Batteries/Cells/Chargers Purchasing

Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides an on-demand professional purchasing services including technical support for A grade cells (Hard Case Cylindrical, Hard case prismatic, Pouch, Coin, Button) and battery packs from all chemistries.

cells pass CB IEC62133, UL1642, Certifications and UN38.3 testing for Safe Transport by sea or air express.

Purchasing services done directly from the cells/batteries manufacturers or official representative for approving quality and freshness – We deliver Grade A cells only.

Lithium Battery Cell Grading System? How To Distinguish Grade A, B, And C Cells?

We specialized on supporting our customers to purchase prototypes new technology cells samples just arrived the market + reasonable minimum cell quantity for qualification.

We build a special club members include  more than 750 customers who purchase cells from us and receive every Monday a list of cells we have for sale for that week with pricing.

The customers can sell their cells inventory or cells they don`t need via our sale channels.

We offer fresh cells, affordable pricing via our business relationship with cell manufacturers and far east partners.

Shmuel De-Leon Energy has over 14 years of experience in shipping batteries to North America, Europe and other countries..

We work only with well-known manufacturers, Qualified suppliers and high end fresh cells/batteries.

Main vendors we support:  Samsung, LG, Murata, Panasonic, Lishen, EVE Energy, Moli Energy, ATL, BAK, BYD, CALB, DLG,  Future-Power, Ever-Power, Heter, Great Power, Grepow, EEMB, HCB, EPT, LTO Battery, Routh JD, Wyon, Ultralife, Zeni-Power, IM3NY, SVOLT.

Some of the cells we sell:

* Minimum quantities are 100-300 pcs depending on vendor
*** We provide cell data sheets and MSDS per demand


Na-Ion cells, LMFP cells, 46800 Li-Ion NMC, LFP cells, Solid-Electrolyte cells

Chargers – We sell chargers for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

Contact us for receiving an offer or joining our customer club