Batteries/Cells Purchasing Services

Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides an on-demand purchasing services for cells and battery packs from all chemistry and vendors:

The purchasing services done directly from the cells/batteries manufacturers or official representative for approving quality and freshness.

Main vendors we support: A123, Lithium Werks, Samsung, LG Chem, Murata, Panasonic, Lishen, EVE Energy, Kokam, Xalt, Moli Energy, ATL, Coslight, CBAK, CALB, DLG, Future-Power, Ever-Power, Heter, Grepow, EEMB, EPT, LTO Battery, Eingineered Power, Saft, Tadiran, HCB, Wuhan Fanso, Xeno, Vitzrocell, Prologium, Electrochem, Energizer, Duracell, Eagle-Picher, Enersys-Quallion, Greatbatch, Amprius,  Varta, Routh JD, Wyon, Renata, Oxis Energy, Enerdel, Ultralife, Zeni-Power, Z-Power

Some of the cells we sell:

* Minimum quantity is 100-300 pcs depend on vendor
*** We will provide the cell data sheets and MSDS per demand

Some Other Cells we sell:
NCR-18650 3.6V 2900mAh LiNiCoAlO2
ICR18650 28A 3,75V 2800mAh LiCoO2
BM18650ZTC2 3,7V 1650mAh LiNiCoAlO2
US18650FTC1 3,2V 1100mAh LiFePO4
ICR18650 26F 3,7V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650-30A 3.78V 3000mAh LiCoO2
ICR18650-22P 3,6V 2150mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650 HA1 3,65V 1300mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650 HB2 3,65V 1500mAh LiNiMnCoO2
BM18650ZTC3 3,7V 1600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650B4 3,6V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
NCR-18650E 3,6V 2250mAh LiNiCoAlO2
INR18650 20Q 3,6V 2000mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650 MF1 3,65V 2150mAh LiNiMnCoO2
INR 18650 29E 3,65V 2850mAh LiNiMnCoO2
US18650NC1 3,6V 2900mAh LiNiCoAlO2
NCR-18650B 3,6V 3350mAh LiNiCoAlO2
US18650V3B 3,7V 2100mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR 18650 MG1 3,6V 2850mAh LiNiMnCoO2
UR18650AY 3,6V 2150mAh LiNiMnCoO2
UR18650AAN 3,6V 2250mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650 HE2 3,6V 2500mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650 26H 3,63V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
UR18650NSX 3.6V 2600mAh LiCoO2
US18650VTC5 3,6V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
K218650E02 3,2V 1500mAh LiFePO4
IFR 18650EC 3,2V 1500mAh LiFePO4
NCR-18650BF 3,6V 3350mAh LiNiCoAlO2
INR18650 MH1 3,7V 3200mAh LiNiMnCoO2
INR18650-25R5 3,64V 2550mAh LiNiMnCoO2
INR18650-25R6 3,64V 2550mAh LiNiMnCoO2
NCR-18650BL 3,6V 3350mAh LiNiCoAlO2
HTCF18650 3,2V 1500mAh LiFePO4
ICR18650 HE4 3,6V 2500mAh LiNiMnCoO2
INR18650-30Q 3,6V 2950mAh LiNiMnCoO2
US18650VTC5A 3,6V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650-30B 3,78V 2950mAh LiCoO2
US18650VTC6 3,6V 3130mAh LiNiMnCoO2
INR18650 M26 3,65V 2600mAh LiNiMnCoO2
ICR18650-22F 3,6V 2200mAh LiNiMnCoO2
APR18650M1 1100mAh LiFePO4

We also sell battery materials per demand.

Contact us for receiving quotation