1st International Electric Vehicle & Stationary Battery Conference, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain – Dates TBD

The EV & Grid Storage sectors faces a fast grow responsible to majority of the battery production worldwide these days (65% of all li-ion cells made in 2019).

EV`s range from E-Bikes to E-Busses and Grid Storage systems range from Residential to Utility levels.

The batteries required to meet performance, service life, safety, reliability, special certifications and cost.

Shmuel De-Leon Energy and CIC energiGUNE decided to support that battery industry segments grow with a dedicated conference that will be a place to discuss and provide a platform for technological innovations and business opportunities.

The conference will discuss the latest advances and innovation in EV`s & Stationary batteries.

All presentations will be in English.   An Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities will run alongside the conference.

Conference Web-site