Solid Electrolyte Li-Ion Cells Production Seminars

Following the success of our Li-Ion cells production seminars,  Shmuel De-Leon Energy decided to open a new innovative training of Solid Electrolyte Li-Ion cells production seminars.

Solid Electrolyte Li-Ion cells uses solid or semi-solid polymer electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte.

The benefits are no leaks, no fire as there is no organic liquid electrolyte.

Another benefit is that there is no metal lithium plating which allows to manufacture:

  • 1st generation solid electrolyte li-ion cells with Graphite anode with similar performance to the current li-ion cells in the market.
  • 2nd generation solid electrolyte lithium metal rechargeable cells (Lithium metal anode) with a break through energy density.

2 seminars a year will take place in CA, USA in cooperation with Spectra Power.