Pouch and cylindrical prototyping cell production

Shmuel De-Leon Energy is offering a new unique cost-effective service of prototype production service for Pouch (up to 34mm x 50mm) or Cylindrical (18650 x 21700 x 26650) Li-Ion cells tailored made to customer requirements via our partners in the USA (East and West cost) and Europe.

We also provide a service of prototype manufacturing for Li-ion solid electrolyte pouch cells and Lithium metal rechargeable pouch cells.

Cells are manufacture with state of the art prototype production lines + consulting service of cell engineering & design.

Quantity  from 5-500 cells per order.

Battery prototyping equipment include:

  • Electrode Punching/Notching Machine
  • Vacuum Drying Oven.
  • Z/Z Pick and Place Stacking Machine (Automatic)
  • Machine (Automatic)
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machines
  • Trim Cutting Machine
  • Pouch Forming Machine
  • Top and Side Pouch Sealing Machine
  • Machines
  • Electrolyte Filling Machine
  • Degassing & Vacuum Sealing Machine
  • Formation Cycler`s
  • Work done in Dry room

Customers can use their own battery materials or materials commanded by us. 

We can also provide a cell validation testing with final results report.

We will sign an NDA per demand previous to providing the service.

Contact Shmuel De-Leon shmuel@sdle.co.il for receiving an offer per your request.