Battery eSchool

Shmuel De-Leon Energy open a new platform of Batteries eSchool providing battery courses via the internet (Introduction Video).

We offer 7 battery courses:
Battery Essentials
Primary batteries
Rechargeable batteries
Battery safety
Super Capacitors
Thermal and reserve batteries
Battery supply chain

e-Learning is a way of studying via the web for an international training without needing to attend classes on campus.

e-Learning benefits:
– Learn at your own time
– Faster delivery time
– Lower environmental impact
– Save travel time
– Save travel expenses
– Off-line training support via e-mails

Simply sign-up at our Batteries eSchool web-site, Log-in, Select the courses you would like to have, Pay with a credit card and get an access for those courses for 1 month time period.

Shmuel De-Leon Energy is looking for Battery Experts that would like to provide battery courses at our Batteries eSchool – Contact us for more details